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Raise society's standard of sophistication, one garment at a time

SilverSpoon Clothing Co. is a luxury couture fashion house based in Las Vegas, NV founded in 2020; inspired by the vision and under the direction of Creative Director Darion "Spoon" Weatherspoon. SilverSpoon Clothing Co. is a sophisticated and highly coveted luxury custom clothing company tailored to generate a regal experience. SilverSpoon Clothing Co. caters to all walks of life, and was created with the goal of establishing a culture of prestige, dignity and integrity. SilverSpoon Clothing Co. is backed by our standard of perfection, using only the finest craftsmanship, fabrics, and service. Our tagline, “It’s a Privilege,” is embedded in every stitch and in every product throughout the brand. We do not carry any inventory, every garment is custom made and highly limited to assure exclusivity.


What We Believe

SilverSpoon Clothing Co. was developed with two goals in mind: Exposure and Individuality. Beyond a brand, SilverSpoon Clothing Co. is a lifestyle focused on refining society to a higher level of sophistication. The SilverSpoon Clothing Co. brand is geared to exposing men and women (particularly young men and women) to the vast world of luxury. In addition, we pride ourselves on promoting being your most UNAPOLOGETIC self. The “SilverSpoon Family” is one that is committed to excellence and lives to be their most perfect self in all walks of life and spread that message throughout the world!

Who is Spoon?

Darion Weatherspoon a.k.a. "Spoon" was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. From a young age he developed a passion for fashion, as well a hunger for achievement.

Darion graduated from Clark Atlanta University, Magna Cum Laude, with a degree in Fashion Design. He would be the only male fashion design student graduating out of the 2018 class. Darion held the honor of Mr. Fashion Department, and was inducted as a member of Phi Kappa Phi National honor Society. He was also the only student-athlete in college football to ever major in fashion design. Darion served as a creative director, personal stylist, fashion consultant to five upstart clothing brands, columnist for "the Panther" newspaper.

Spoon additionally studied under 2 master tailors with over 95 years of combined experience. In addition, Weatherspoon aided in the development of close to 8 fashion labels; including one that earned over two million dollars in sales in a 12 month period.

Darion has design clothes for the likes of artist Keith Sweat & Dottie Peoples, educators Dr. Christopher Bass & Dr. Ronald A. Johnson, and Nigerian Royalty and business mogul Adewale Adeleke to name a few.

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