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SSH | Rule 1: "Be Unapologetically you"

When I decided I wanted to write a weekly blog to promote the mission behind SilverSpoon Clothing Co. (to "Raise societies standard of sophistication, one garment at a time") I struggled with how to begin. I knew that I wanted to structure it that it was more of handbook of rules of what it takes to be a proper gentleman, I knew it would come out every Friday, I even knew that the name of my blog would be called "The SilverSpoon Handbook"; but I couldn't figure out what should be rule number 1. There is millions of things that make up the perfect gentleman and woman. Thousands of principles we have been taught throughout life such as a gentleman should always walk closest to the curb, or a lady should always be sure to wear clean underwear. So I struggled for some time to figure out which principle supersedes them all. What ideology best embodies the essence of why I took the leap of faith to launch SilverSpoon Clothing Co. and then tragedy struck. This past week a friend of mine from high school took her own life. To give some background on this woman she was a beautiful but depressed girl. While I would never go as far to say we were extremely close I did share a life altering moment with this young woman my freshmen year of high school when I talking her down from committing suicide then. Out of respect for her and her family I am omitting some details but I must say it shook my spirit when I scrolled down the company instagram and saw that this amazingly beautiful mother of 2 took her own life. But it did give me direction on what is the number one, most important, rule to being a "SilverSpoon": to be unapologetically you.

Again I admit the young lady and I were not extremely close, in fact it had been close to 6 years since the last time we spoke, but it make me question what does it means to live? I mean on a daily basis we wake up, brush our teeth, and "get dressed" to face the world. But you notice that I put get dressed in quotations, a great majority of us wake up every day and put on a mask before we put on our clothes. Our mask could be our sadness, our mask could be our sexuality, our mask could be our finances and our mask could be our vices. Whatever your mask may be it is just that, a mask. The undeniable fact is that mask comes off our mask are not real they are just a mirage of the reality that we want to portray to the world. And the longer we leave on that mask the more we draw further from our true selfs. I get it though, it's far easier to pretend to live one way than to acknowledge the real battles we face but that is what is necessary to live our life. It's much easier to live in the facade of having money than face the fact that you are broke. Why the fight of being homosexual when it is easier to conform to societal norms and standards. But where does this get you?

The first rule of being a "SilverSpoon" is to be a person of ultimate confidence. That confidence comes not from looking a curtain way, getting the approval of others or even having great success. A SilverSpoon's level of confidence comes from living in their 100% truth. Embracing themselves in all ways positive and negative. It is a art of being unapologetically yourself.

I have been known to say "that I am the best thing God put on this green earth" and I firmly believe that. Society tells me not to say that and that it is a arrogant thing to say but to those people I dismiss a politely ask them to remove themselves from my presence. As you read this you may even have negative comments to that statement or feel as though I am a pompous, self righteous ass. But lets breakdown what I mean with this statement. It took many year and struggles with my own depression and self worth to come to terms with that statement. We are told everyday that "there is no such thing as perfect" but to that I claim bullshit. Not to get religious but we have also been taught that we are created in God's image who is perfect so for that reason I vehemently believe that me and everything that has breath is perfect. I am the PERFECT version of Darion D. Weatherspoon. I maybe skinny, I may not be the smartest, some would even say I am ugly but as far as Darion Weatherspoon's born September 2nd 1996 to Stephanie Arthur I am the best one. From every flaw I may have, to the way I show and like to receive love is a testimony to how me I am.

But as stated before this revelation took many year to realize. It took me feeling so low of myself that I too contemplated on taking my own life. However instead of killing myself I killed the mask of myself. No Longer will I walk in this world for the approval of the world. The way I walk, the way I talk, the way I dress, even my "type" in women is mine. I walk in my own truth and live my own life understanding as imperfect as life maybe me as a person am perfect. I encourage us all to walk as our unapologetic selves no longer caring about what society may think or the judgement of others. Once we first to walk in our 100% truth then and only then will be able to live in 100% love. This is a group effort, I encourage you to find someone to share your griefs and heartaches (preferably a professional counselor or therapist) to aid you along this journey because as I stated previously being Unapologetically you is a art; but as with art it is ever changing and beautiful along the way. I wish my friend was here to read this but it goes to show that we never know the severity of what people are going through internally but let's be a beacon for change to other by walking for ourselves.

God Bless.

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