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SSH | Rule 2: Buy your clothes NEVER rent

Ever since I was a child renting has always troubled me. Even before I was blessed with the means to have all of my clothing custom made I insisted on buying my clothes. A “SilverSpoon” NEVER rents their clothes. I know it may seem like a conflict of interest for me to insist on buying your clothes instead of renting with me owning a clothing company and all; but honestly I could give a million reasons why renting is the worst thing anyone could think of but I’ll limit myself to 3 for the sake of time.

  1. The fit of a Rental is Horrible- Time and time again people compliment the way respected fashion figures (me lol) dress and attempt to replicate it through rentals and it NEVER works out. Example being people wanting to wear slim cut tuxedos; at best a rental shop may shorten a sleeve or take in the waist slightly but there is so much that goes into getting a perfect fit that a rental shop would never do. Calling a spade a spade the fit on rentals are horrendous based on a plethora of reasons (outdated schematics, outdated fabric, dry cleaning damage, etc.). Rental shops do their best to accommodate but they are limited, purchasing gives you more control over your fit particularly when accompanied by an experienced alterationist.

  1. No Originality- Lets be bluntly honest, there isn’t a single rental out with style. Some rental stores are starting to have some paisley print coats and some boutiques are attempting to get a few inexpensive dresses with some panache but it’s all looks we have seen before. Just as I noticed, so will everyone else (granted my life's work is dedicated to creating original pieces). Rentals have no swagger, no originality, just cloth draped on your body. We’ve seen the same look recirculated over and over again through rentals. Now unless you go the custom route there is a chance you may replicate a look from someone else but at least with purchasing you have the freedom to style the look the way you see fit and not look so...generic.

  1. Value wise, renting costs more- I don’t know about you but whenever I spend my money I love for it to have a premium value. Now I’m no mathematician but I am excellent when it comes to counting money. According to In 2021, the average cost of a groom’s wedding tuxedos is between $150 – $242. To an untrained eye this sounds like one heck of a deal but as we discussed in the other two reasons I named before there is a more than definite chance what you rent is either going to fit horribly, have no style or a combination of the 2. So you’ve taken one loss by spending money on something that looks horrible but now you compound that loss by having to give it back! This is equivalent to working an 8 hour shift and then giving your money back to your boss. Where is the value in doing this? And I know the immediate rebuttal would be to say “I rarely dress up anyway” but this is actually more reason to buy. Why spend money to look terrible and then have to give it back when you have an option to spend a few extra dollars and have something you can wear again. Even if you just wear it one more time value wise it already paid for itself.

I could write reasons to never rent for days! But in short a “SilverSpoon” owns his/her look thus it is required to own the pieces needed to create it. I end with this quote from Deion Sanders:

“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good."

Ask yourself if you feel good in a rental or do you just feel not naked?

God Bless.

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