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SSH | Rule 4: Be Sincere In Your Support

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

A SilverSpoon is sincere in all facets of life. This includes the support of others. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines sincerity as “honesty of mind : freedom from hypocrisy : marked by genuineness”. What I love about this definition of sincerity is it sets the foundation for what it means to support. The action of being sincere requires that you actively clear your mind and heart of hypocrisy and be filled with a genuine want for something to succeed. In this it is impossible to support one another while having ulterior motives, or conditions, to warrant said support.

The Cambridge dictionary defines support as, “to agree with and give encouragement to someone or something because you want him, her, or it to succeed.” Nowhere in this definition does it have a “but” or a “unless” clause. You have to give all of your support to things that you believe in, you can’t just “kinda” want someone or something to be successful. When you want your favorite sports team to succeed you want them to win the championship not just get to the championship. When you give your support you must give your unmitigated, wholehearted support otherwise you are in breach of what I believe is an unwritten social contract. Support is similar to a promise, when you give someone or something your support you are giving your word that you want someone or something to be successful and our words have tremendous power.

We are all held accountable for the things we decide to hitch our support to. This being said we must also be cautious of what we decide to support because once this unwritten covenant is established it is hard to break. An example of this is all those once great political figures who supported a clause (may it be segregation, anti gay rights, death penalty, etc.) and now are facing/faced ridicule and backlash no matter how long ago the support took place.

In our dealings we must also beware of those who choose to “support us”. On many occasions in my journey I’ve been given support by a multitude of people, but of that support some came with conditions attached to it. Conditional support is the same as no support at all. Any support that is contingent on friendship, relationship, or status is not support. If you lose support from someone because they are no longer your friend that was not genuine, sincere support because I wrote earlier there is no “but’s” and “if’s” in support and to be genuine is to be faultless. If you want someone to make a million dollars that shouldn’t change based on circumstances because if it did that means you genuinely didn’t want them to make a million dollars; it just served you at that time. And this is easier said than done and even more difficult to recognize. However before we can expect anyone else to change we must change ourselves, this means assuring that BEFORE we give our support, analyze ourselves and make sure we aren’t putting stipulations on our support. The easiest way I do this is before I give my support I ask myself a simple question, “if this person becomes my worst enemy would I still want them to achieve xyz?”

“If you want to support others you have to stay upright yourself." ~ Peter Hoeg

God Bless.

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